A detailed description about static caravans for sale.

A static caravan is nothing but a prefabricated home. These homes are built in a factory, instead of building it on a site where it can live its life on. Once it is constructed in a factory, and then is transported to the place where the clients wish to occupy using a tractor-trailer. A static caravan is placed on the required location as per clients need and then it is left there permanently. It retains its ability to be shifted wherever it is needed to shift.

The static caravans are available in two major sizes, i.e. single wide and double wide. A single wide is a conventional static caravan. As it is much smaller in length, it can be easily transported without any hassle. Based on the interior designing, a single wide caravan can accommodate 2-6 people. It includes a washroom, shower, sink, kitchen and other such necessities.

A double-wide static caravan for sale in Skegness is quite bigger in length and it can be towed into two separate units and it will be joined together at the later stage.

How to maintain static caravans?

As we all know that static caravan is well known for its easy maintenance. In order to ensure that static caravan for sale in Skegness is in its working condition, you need to take care of certain basic maintenance program. Here are listed with some tips-

  • Air vents

They are quite helpful in a number of reasons, especially when it comes to gas safety. Air vents are very much necessary in order to allow the air to circulate to avoid moisture buildup as well as damp. It’s essential for the air vents to stay free from obstruction.

  • Fire alarm

It’s similar to home fire safety equipment. Ensure to check the batteries in the fire alarm system every year and also ensure that fire extinguishers are up to date.

  • Doors and windows

Ensure that the hinges of doors and windows are kept free from dirt and it should be well oiled to avoid hearing hard crack sounds of the door. Ill maintained door hinges can cause more significant damages.

  • Underneath

As far as possible, avoid blocking the space below the caravan because it can cut the air flow and can cause mold and damp. Don’t ever place any combustible material below the static caravan as it is fire hazardous.

  • Gutters

Try to keep the gutters free from dirt and debris. If, in case, water is allowed to stay in the gutter, then it starts penetrating through the roof and it can cause a damp issue. Taking proper care of gutters is very much important, particularly during autumn and winter where there will be a lot of overhanging of trees.

  • External panels

In order to give a good look to the appearance of the static caravan, the outer panels should be cleaned at least once or twice in a year. In this regard, make use of warm soapy water and a sponge in order to get rid of outside dirt.