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Renting your static caravan

It is common for static caravan owners to rent out their static caravan to generate additional income. The level of additional income will depend on the numbers of weeks per year for which the caravan is rented for.

One of the main considerations of renting out a static caravan is the cost of marketing the van to ensure adequate levels of booking. There are two main means of marketing. First, is to self promote the caravan to fulfill bookings. Secondly, the park operator will often market and rent your caravan for you. They will look after the entire process including organizing bookings, payment, cleaning etc. The park operator will however take a commission percentage of the rent as their fee.

If you are marketing your caravan yourself there are several options:

Friends and Family – easy and reliable option
Word of mouth  repeat business – no marketing costs and simple
Local Press Advertising  – cheap means of advertising
National Publications –e.g. Daltons Weekly
Own Website – technical and difficult to operate
National 3rd party websites – can be cost effective

In addition of the marketing, you will have to also deal with:

Advertising and Marketing
Dealing with enquirers via phone or email
Collecting and chasing deposits
Collecting and chasing balances
Confirming bookings and terms and conditions
Dealing with issues such as cancellations
Cleaning and maintenance

The most cost effective form of direct marketing for owners is often friends and family as this requires no financial outlay. Many people also like this approach as these users tend to be reliable.

So caravan owners will opt for the park operator subletting their static caravan on their behalf, simply because it removes a lot of the work load associated with renting the caravan yourself.